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Our custom built radiator, designed and built by Serck Motorsport has served us well for over 10 years now. Racing in Street Eliminator requires that all competing vehicles complete a 25 mile “cruise” as part of the qualifying process. This test includes mileage on country road, A-roads as well as built up areas and has a hot start test thrown in for good measure. To survive this we need excellent cooling and our Serck radiator has never let us down, even on the couple of occasions when we suffered fan failures! Being so well built has also meant that the team at Serck have been able to update and modify the unit for us, adding AN fittings, bungs for sensors and even revised mounting tabs. All these are built into the radiator making it lighter and easier to mount as well as reducing the amount of fasteners required. A very good product supplied by a professional outfit who understand the cooling needs of high performance vehicles, be they hot rods, classics or all-out race cars.

Ian Hook

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