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Serck Cooling for Military and Naval Submarines


Not exactly Motorsport is it ?

Our services and manufacturing have been a key element in some of the military projects we have worked on over the years from the Snatch Landrovers to the British Submarine Fleet. Our expertise in service and productivity has been a leading format with many applications supplied to the armed forces.

Manufacturing to specific designs for military applications is a precise and dedicated process to the very highest quality that are each tailored to the exact requirements for their working environments. Working closely with our customers is key to ensuring our delivery and success of the projects we are working on via our manufacturing and servicing divisions.

In design & development our expertise is dedicated to deliver very unique and specialised projects used all over the world.

The connection between Motorsport and Military is closer than you think in terms of the discipline that is implemented in to the engineering and design of the components used in these unique sectors and Serck Motorsport has played a key role in both.