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Cooling Systems

Since motor racing began, cooling has always been an essential part of performance: without cooling you have no performance. The better the cooling performance the more effective torque and horsepower can be delivered from the power plant. Our goal has always been to manufacture a tailor-made cooling system to cool the application not only in its designed format but also for the conditions it has to perform in. Over the years of motorsport disciplines and it’s evolving progress in technologies our experience has been always to be ahead of the curve in cooling technology and to provide the solutions through constant innovation.

So how do you determine what you need to cool your race car ?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might think; there are many considerations that must be taken into account. Airflow is King and with any typical water-to-air cooling system this is the number one criteria that must be met. Other considerations are key to this formula too such as the the thermal output of the power plant itself. Then of course there’s the design of the car… Is it a Formula Open Wheels? or a Drift Car? or Perhaps a 2000hp Drag Car? a Super Car? or Even a Hypercar?

The point is, none of the classes are the same and all boast different disciplines, design and horsepower and this plays a very important role in the design of the cooling systems from water to air to hydraulics.  Serck Motorsport are dedicated in working with teams and individuals in the efforts to provide specific answers and solutions to these questions and since the 1960’s Formula One Era we have been doing just that.

In essence there is no application that can’t be cooled effectively, maximising the performance to deliver the best results for competition or the enthusiast.

Hot Rod, Street Cruising, Rally Car, Drift Car, Drag Car, Dirt Track Racer, Formula, Saloon Racing , Track Day Car, Pro Street Muscle Car, Classic Racing, Historic Racing, Up Hill Climbing, Rally Cross, Off Road Racing, Classic Car, Kit Car Performance? Serck Motorsport has manufactured and supplied cooling solutions for them all.

For any support, knowledge or tips of achieving the very best in cooling packages and components that support your  cooling system please contact one of our expert staff members who can discuss your application with you directly.