RACE GAS Regular Petrol Racing Fuel Concentrate

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Race Gas Fuel Concentrate

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Race Gas race fuel concentrate is designed to blend with pump fuel—and transform it into high-octane, high-energy, track-grade racing fuel! It contains many chemicals that fall into three primary groups: fuel hydrocarbons, oxygenate, and organometallic compounds. What makes Race Gas race fuel concentrate unique is their patent-pending recipe of these compounds. Two ounces will raise the octane of one gallon of pump fuel upto 13 full octane numbers. No matter what type of fuel you’re using or what octane you desire, this Race Gas race fuel concentrate will help you achieve the blend for your engine’s off-road needs. Want to try RACE-GAS? Start with a single can. Make high energy, high octane racing fuel when and where you need it. Makes up to 112 Octane from 99 Octane Pump Fuel.


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