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RACE GAS Ultra Performance Racing Fuel Concentrate

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Race Gas Ultra Fuel Concentrate: For off-road and track use only (see “regular unleaded concentrate” for lower octane use in the links below)

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Race Gas Racing Fuel Concentrate

RACE GAS ULTRA Racing Fuel Concentrate

Race Gas Ultra Fuel Concentrate is specifically designed for the requirements of very high compression, boosted or nitrous engines. When mixed with 99 Octane pump fuel, it will create racing fuel with octane up to 120 Octane . It increases the octane, chemical oxygen and chemical energy of the fuel to equal commercially distilled racing fuel. Want to try RACE-GAS ULTRA ? Start with a single can. Make high energy, high octane racing fuel when and where you need it. Makes up to 120 Octane from 99 Octane Pump Fuel.

Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute Race Gas Products for your performance race car having used them ourselves!

Real Racing Fuel

When blended to the proper ratio, RACE GAS can take your ordinary pump gasoline and transform it into high octane, high energy, track grade racing fuel. RACE GAS will keep you from ever running out of racing fuel.

Designed By Racers

RACE GAS wasn’t created by some gigantic super company. It was created by gear heads and weekend racers just like you. Real Power knows the importance of high quality racing fuel.

Tested Performance

Unlike some other additives, RACE GAS has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories, prominent engine builders, and performance tuners.

Additional information

Design Intent

RACE GAS is designed to be a direct replacement for commercial racing fuel. In order to accomplish this, RACE GAS needs .to accomplish 3 goals: 1. Raise the octane rating of the fuel to that of commercial racing fuel. 2. Raise the chemical energy, (BTU), of the fuel to equal that of commercial racing fuel. 3. Raise the chemical oxygen of the fuel to equal that of commercial racing fuel RACE GAS is the only product on the market that can accomplish these three things. So why is this important? – If you raise the octane but not the chemical energy the engine will be lean at wide open throttle which will damage the engine. – If you raise the octane and not the chemical oxygen the fuel will not be completely burned on the power stroke. As a result the remaining fuel will detonate on the exhaust stroke which will lead to burnt valves and higher exhaust manifold temperatures, which will damage the engine.


There are three octane numbers used in the US. Research Octane Number (RON), Motor Octane Number (MON) and Anti Knock Index (AKI). – RON is the octane of the fuel in a test engine at idle. This is a poor representation of octane as it doesn?t account for the engine under load, (like real world driving). This is always the higher of the 3 numbers. – MON is the octane of the fuel in a test engine under load / higher RPM. This is a much better number than RON because it is a better representation of real world driving. – AKI is the RON Number + the MON Number divided by 2, (R+M)/2. The AKI number is the number that is used to determine the octane of fuel for sale in the US, (Check out the gas pump the next time you fill up. It will say either AKI or (R+M)/2.) The AKI number is the better octane number because it takes into account the octane under load and not under load. Our competitors do not tell their customers what octane they blend to. The truth is they blend to the Research Octane Number. Why do they do this? Because it is very easy and cheap to raise the RON number. Basically just provide a large amount of MMT in some solution like Kerosene. It makes for a higher profit margin but an inferior product.


RACE GAS blends to the AKI Number. We do this because this is how commercial racing fuel octane is rated. In order to do this we have to have a much better engineered product, with components that raise to octane together rather than a big gulp of MMT. We have over 70 components that raise octane in different chemical ?pathways?, not just MMT like our competitors. RACE GAS is a much more expensive product to make however we use much less MMT than our competitors. This is important as too much MMT will create deposits on the valves and heads. RACE GAS does not.


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