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AEM Digital Dash Display, CD-7G non-logging, GPS enabled racing dash, CAN input only, 7-inch diagonal screen, carbon fiber enclosure, GPS antenna and wiring harness included (Does NOT Include Vehicle Dynamics Module)

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Display Kit, CD-7G Carbon

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AEM Digital Dash Display, CD-7G non-logging, GPS enabled racing dash, CAN input only, 7-inch diagonal screen, carbon fiber enclosure, GPS antenna and wiring harness included (Does NOT Include Vehicle Dynamics Module)

AEM Digital Dash Display, CD-7G non-logging, GPS enabled racing dash, CAN input only, 7-inch diagonal screen, carbon fiber enclosure, GPS antenna and wiring harness included (Does NOT Include Vehicle Dynamics Module)

AEM has updated its CD-7 Digital Dash Display from an aluminum enclosure to a carbon fiber composite enclosure and in the process has reduced its mass from 740g/26.1 oz. to only 595g/20.9oz. That’s almost 1/3rd lbs. less and makes the CD-7 Carbon the lightest graphical dash of its size among major competitors! The new CD-7 Carbon digital displays also have optional integrated 20Hz GPS, which replaces the dash packages that included a Vehicle Dynamics Module. Of course, the Vehicle Dynamics Module still works with any CD Digital Dash Display and can be purchased separately.

CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays feature a full-color, daylight readable screen surrounded by a tough, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite housing. Seven ultra-bright LEDs span the top of the display housing for RPM and shift light indication. Users can program them to ascend in specific increments based on RPM range and flash when it is time to shift. Brightness is user programmable on the fixed color LEDs. Two large buttons are included on the face of the display, allowing easy page changing and memory resetting even with driving gloves on. These button functions are included in the supplied rear connector, allowing the user to mount remote buttons. Two additional programmable LEDs are located above the toggle buttons on the top of the housing on either side of the integrated LED shift lights.

The CD-7 Carbon receives channels from two independent CAN bus inputs and it does not require special modules to read AEM and/or 3rd-party CAN signals. We have validated it to communicate with over 250 non-AEM devices, 2008-up stock ECUs via the OBDII port, and the CD-7 Carbon can be added to any vehicle with the addition of our 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module. The CD-7 Carbon is ECU CAN ready and does not require external modules for CAN to CAN communication, just load your configuration and go! All channels can be named in virtually any language so that the information displayed makes sense to the user when displayed, whether on the main screens or warning alerts.

Third-party systems will require download of 3rd party DBC CAN bus protocol files for proper operation if they are not included in our setup software. We currently have over 250 validated 3rd party applications, and include a CD Dash Power Cable to simplify the installation of 3rd party devices. We have also developed 3rd Party Plug & Play Adapter Cables for certain applications.

Four packages are available:

PN 30-5700, CD-7 Carbon Non-Logging/ Non-GPS Display
PN 30-5701, CD-7L Carbon Logging Display
PN 30-5702, CD-7G Carbon Non-Logging Display with Internal GPS
PN 30-5703, CD-7LG Carbon Logging Display with Internal GPS

Full color 7” screen with 800×480 resolution
Direct sunlight readable (1000cd/m2 brightness and anti-glare filter)
Layout files interchangeable with all versions of the CD-5 Carbon
Wiring interface/harness is identical to the CD-5 Carbon
Rugged, lightweight flow-molded carbon fiber composite enclosure
Total display weight of 20.9 oz. / 595 grams
IP65 water resistance – open cockpit, marine and motorcycle safe
Accepts channels from two separate user programmable CAN bus connections – works with AEMnet enabled devices and non-AEM 3rd party devices side by side
Plug & Play Adapter Cables available for Holley, Link, MSD Atomic and Vi-Pec ECUs
Accepts channels from 2008-up factory ECUs using Plug & Play OBDII CAN Adapter Cable (PN 30-2217, sold separately)
Install the CD-7 Carbon on carbureted and pre-2008 stock ECU-equipped vehicles using a 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2212, sold separately)
Available with or without 200Mb internal logging (up to 1,000Hz/channel)
Available with or without on-board 20Hz GPS receiver and antenna
Add a Vehicle Dynamics Module for GPS, 3-axis gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer for G-loads, roll, pitch, yaw, track mapping and lap timing (PN 30-2206, sold separately)
Add an 8 Channel K-Type EGT CAN Module for 8 additional temps via AEMnet CAN bus (PN 30-2224, sold separately)
Seven programmable pages including four Main pages, Alarm, On-Change and Start-up pages
Dedicated Alarm page quickly identifies problems, programmable in almost any language! (user defined)
Unique On-Change page can be used to identify map switching for boost, traction, lap times, etc.
Use included page layouts and input your channels and text, or create your own from scratch
Free DashDesign Graphics Editor software
Seven LED RPM/shift light indicators on top of the housing (programmable and dimmable)
Two programmable LEDs
Odometer function
Over 200 supplied fully programmable SAE and custom warning icons, and you can add your own
‘Headlight-in’ connection dims the dash and LEDs during night operation
Two extra switch inputs included for displaying user-triggered events (blinkers, high beams etc.)
User supplied graphics can be changed based on channel values (up to the full screen size)
Convert CAN bus channel values to user-defined text in multiple languages

CD-7 Carbon Dashes can simplify the update of an instrument cluster or ease the instrumentation configuration of a new vehicle build. Since the CD-7 Carbon only requires a single cable for power, ground and receiving CAN data, the wiring goes from complex to a simple one plug connection. Street rods, kit cars, and resto-mods using late-model crate engines no longer have to be concerned with adding a full set of gauges and trying to keep the wiring clean, or having to double up sensors on the engine so the ECU and gauges both have data – The CD-7 Carbon can see everything the ECU is seeing via a single cable connection – and that means so can you!

Want to go hardcore? CD-7 Carbon Dashes make it easy. Add additional sensor data with our 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module, create custom layouts, integrate track mapping and data logging for driver coaching, see predictive and actual lap times and set user-defined prioritized alarms – it’s all possible with the CD-7 Carbon Dash. Simple or Hardcore; the choice is yours and the CD-7 Carbon’s capabilities are nearly limitless.


The CD-7 Carbon receives channels from CAN bus inputs and it does not require special modules to read AEM and/or 3rd-party CAN signals. It communicates with 45 AEM devices, is in-house tested to work with 230 non-AEM devices and we have DBC CAN files for 60 more non-AEM devices.

AEM engineers have created templates for some non-AEM CAN bus devices in the CD-7 Carbon’s free DashDesign software, and we add more every time we update the software. All 3rd Party platform-specific templates in DashDesign include CAN definitions and do not require uploading a DBC file; however, the upload of 3rd party DBC CAN files to the software will be necessary for proper operation if they are not yet included in our software. We make it easy though! These files are available in our Forum, allowing you to make the connection to a CD-7 Carbon dash regardless of whatever engine management, data logger or CAN-based device you are using.

The bus configuration and messages are fully configurable; it even supports indexed messages. Custom CAN configurations can be imported via industry standard DBC files or the user can manually enter each message and channel. The user can then rename, filter, calibrate, change units and log any CAN channel, as well as direct these channels to inputs on our pre-defined or user-created templates.


AEM CD dashes have been in-house validated to communicate with the GM E67 ECU for LS Crate engines. The CD dashes receive OBDII CAN bus channels from the bulkhead connector in the stock wiring harness, leaving the OBDII port open for diagnostic or tuning purposes.


CD-7 Carbon Digital Dash Displays have the ability to read CAN bus data from the OBDII port of 2008-up vehicles with a simple installation of our OBDII CAN Adapter Sub Harness (PN 30-2217, sold separately). This cable provides plug & play access between the CD- Carbon’s harness and the vehicles OBDII connector and provides approximately 20-40 channels of data from the stock ECU.


AEM’s 22 Channel CAN Sensor Module (PN 30-2212, sold separately) lets you get data onto the Dash in a carbureted vehicle or a pre-2008 EFI vehicle using the stock ECU. It converts analog, digital and frequency inputs into an AEMnet CAN bus signal that can be transmitted to the CD-7 Carbon Dash for viewing and/or data logging, including tachometer and fuel level, wheel speed inputs for MPH, and inputs for pressure/temp sensors. Need more than 22 channels? You can daisy-chain two of the Modules together, which is ideal if you have a logging CD Dash and want to log more channels.


Our 8 Channel K-Type EGT Module (PN 30-2224, sold separately) allows racers and enthusiasts to install eight K-type thermocouple sensors onto their vehicle and transmit all 8 temp channels to a CD Carbon Digital Dash via a one-plug CAN bus connection.


CD-7 Carbon dashes are available with a 200MB onboard logger (CD-7L/LG), which provides about 24 hours of logging time at up to 1,000 Hz/channel. It will accept as many channels as are available from either of the CAN bus inputs and we have tested it to accept up to 800 channels. Individual channel log speeds are adjustable.

The CD-7 Carbon and CD-7L Carbon are available with an internal GPS receiver and antenna (CD-7G & CD-7LG), which provides coordinates for creating track maps, viewing/recording lap times and split times, and seeing predictive lap times on the display with a live Gain/Loss value or for the use of a Speedometer and/or Odometer.

Racers looking for acceleration forces and vehicle dynamics channels in addition to GPS can purchase a Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM, PN 30-2206, sold separately). The VDM includes a GPS receiver and antenna, a 3-axis gyroscope for viewing and recording roll, pitch and yaw, and a 3-axis accelerometer for collecting longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration.


The CD-7 Carbon’s warning and alarm features put an end to obscure warning LEDs! DashDesign software features a powerful alarm editor to create warning alerts and alarms for any incoming channel using customizable text in almost any language. This allows you to see warnings and alarms with text values that you can program and eliminates having to guess the meaning behind a triggered warning LED or generic alarm like a check engine light.

We designed a dedicated alarm page that brings your attention to the dash in the event of a potentially catastrophic issue. The CD-7 Carbon triggers the alarm page whenever a user definable condition is met. This includes the status of the channel that triggered the alarm (for example, low oil pressure, low fuel pressure, high coolant temp, etc.), and if multiple alarm conditions are present, the CD-7 Carbon will scroll them on the screen in order of priority so you are aware of every critical alarm condition. This user-defined and user-prioritized scrollable feature is included for text warnings on the main pages as well.


The CD-7 Carbon Digital Displays are fully configurable and completely unlocked, so you will never pay for additional software features. They include seven total pages; a startup page, four main pages for viewing channels that can be toggled using the left button on the housing, a unique ‘On-Change’ page and a dedicated Alarm event page. All pages are 100% customizable; Use our layouts or create your own and put whatever channels you want wherever you want on the screen.


Three event-based pages ensure that you do not miss any critical changes to the vehicle’s operating state. One is an alarm page. The CD-7 Carbon dash will display the alarm page whenever a user-definable condition is met. This page remains active until it is cleared by pressing the left button on the housing.

The second event-based page is an On-Change page. The On-Change page is perfect for knowing what map you are on if you have map switching for different boost levels or traction control, and for viewing lap time, split time, etc., whenever you pass the start/stop beacon on the racetrack (beacon must be configured before racing). It is perfect for seeing user-defined momentary changes without having to add additional channels to your main pages.

The third event page is a Start-Up page that is triggered every time the dash powers up. You can program whatever splash screen graphics you want, such as team, company or sponsor logos and photos.

AEM Performance create innovative new products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses. Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute AEM Performance products for your performance race car having used them ourselves!


  • Supplier Description: AEM Digital Dash Display, CD-7G non-logging, GPS enabled racing dash, CAN input only, 7-inch diagonal screen, carbon fiber enclosure, GPS antenna and wiring harness included (Does NOT Include Vehicle Dynamics Module)
  • Supplier Part Number: 30-5702
  • Supplier: AEM Performance Electronic

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