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AEM High Output Inductive Smart Coil

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Hi Output Smart Coil

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AEM High Output Inductive Smart Coil

AEM High Output Inductive Smart Coil

The tradeoff between adequate spark energy and adequate spark duration ends with AEM?s High-Output Inductive Coils, the first inductive coils that deliver CDI-like spark energy and voltage, and the long spark duration necessary for vehicles running high compression, high RPM, forced induction and/or nitrous engines.

Auto enthusiasts who have forced induction engines, high RPM engines or run nitrous oxide are aware of the compromises that come with using inductive coils instead of converting to a Capacitive Discharge Ignition system (CDI). While inductive coils deliver a long spark duration with simplicity, they lack the energy to adequately ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber of a highly modified performance vehicle. Conversely, CDIs deliver an intense burst of spark energy, but with practically no spark duration, which makes having the proper air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber paramount for best performance. This compromise ends with AEM?s High-Output IGBT ?Smart? Inductive Coils.

AEM?s High-Output, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) ?Smart? Inductive Coils are designed for use on applications that do not have an external igniter.

AEM?s High-Output Inductive Coils each deliver over 100mJ of spark energy and a minimum of 40,000 Volts?as much as most CDI systems, without the need for a CDI module! They also provide very long spark duration at full energy, unlike CDI systems and multiple spark systems which fire off small spark events prior to and after their CDI burst to mimic longer spark duration.

Massive Spark Energy, up to 103 mJ
Incredibly long spark duration, up to 2.9mS
Up to 40kV Output Voltage, without using a CDI
Deliver CDI-like spark energy?No CDI Module needed
Cost less than aftermarket LS1 coils
Can be mounted almost anywhere
Weather and Shockproof design
Can be mounted directly to the Engine

AEM Performance create innovative new products that set the standard in the performance aftermarket, delivering the highest level of product integrity and making advanced technologies accessible to the racing masses. Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute AEM Performance products for your performance race car having used them ourselves!


  • Supplier Description: AEM High Output Inductive Smart Coil
  • Supplier Part Number: 30-2853
  • Supplier: AEM Performance Electronic

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