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DRIVEN HR3 15W50 Modern Performance & Tuned Engine Oil 1 Quart

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DRIVEN HR3 15W50 Modern Performance & Tuned Engine Oil 1 Quart

The Driven HR range is the perfect choice for classic road and competition cars.

The products in this range have enough ZDDP to protect flat-tappet engines with increased spring pressures of up to 30% higher than stock. The detergent levels can cope with up to 8,000 road miles. The HR oils have a unique anti-corrosion pack which protects engines that see little use, eliminating the damaging effects of dry starts, and also contain an ethanol-neutralising additive to combat internal rust corrosion.

Available in 10W-30, 10W-40 and 15W-50 (mineral and synthetic) grades.

Make sure you have warmed up the engine so that the oil is warm before you drain it down. Top up with the right viscosity recommended by the manufacturer or your engine builder.

If used for racing or track days, change the oil if it starts to go black, as that typically indicates that fuel has interacted with the oil.

Racing puts more stress on oils. Although the Driven HR oils utilise a more temperature-stable base stock 2 oil and a top-quality multigrade additive, the oil will start to thin down after several hours of racing. Although the level of thinning is much less than most other racing mineral oils, it?s important to keep an eye on oil pressures. For ultimate racing applications, please use the Driven XP range of oils.

The HR range of oils are excellent storage oils, as they contain specially developed additives to protect against rust and corrosion typically caused by moisture and ethanol from the fuel.

Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute Driven Racing products for your race car having used them ourselves!


  • Supplier Description: DRIVEN HR3 15W50 Modern Performance & Tuned Engine Oil 1 Quart
  • Supplier Part Number: HR3-1Q
  • Supplier: Driven Racing

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