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WOSP Alternator A127IM LRB00283/284 replacement

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W O S Performance Start Motors and Alternators

WOSP Alternator A127IM LRB00283/284 replacement

WOSPerformance have been manufacturing and supplying bespoke starting and charging systems via a dealer network for decades. They are a family-run company which refuses to be beaten on service and quality, whilst pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Widely regarded as the world leader with over 1500 starter applications and alternators to suit almost any possible requirement, all units are built to the highest standards using only original specification parts.


  • Part Description: WOSP Alternator A127IM LRB00283/284 replacement
  • Supplier: WOSP
  • Part Number: LMA394

Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute WOSPerformance products for your performance race car having used them ourselves!


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