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RADIUM Coolant Expansion Tank, Universal

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20-0270-00 – Radium Coolant Expansion Tank, Universal

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All Radium products are carefully planned with thorough R&D and designed in-house using the latest computer simulation and modeling techniques. Extensive testing and evaluation ensures the performance of Radium products exceed consumer expectations. For these reasons, top motorsports competitors and enthusiasts worldwide rely on Radium Engineering products.

Coolant expansion tanks are necessary for proper air bleeding in applications that utilize a low mounted radiator (such as a V-Mount) or rear mounted radiator. However, expansion tanks are also valuable if integrated in a common radiator setup. To allow heat expansion, traditional coolant systems require air to be present in the top portion of the radiator during low temperatures. An coolant expansion tank permits the radiator to be 100% filled with coolant in all conditions.

The Radium Coolant Expansion Tank holds 750mL. It is a 2-piece design constructed of CNC billet 6061 aluminum. The two halves (shown below) are bolted together along with a CNC billet aluminum radiator neck which accepts a standard 32mm “Mini” style pressure cap. The radiator cap must have a Type-A seal.

2x Bottom ports: -10AN ORB
1x Front port: -6AN ORB

The coolant expansion tank features two internal chambers. These chambers are NOT isolated from each other. There is cross-over passages at the top and bottom. This product is not a coolant overflow tank. Instead, it is designed to part of the pressurized coolant system.

The Radium Engineering coolant header tank also has an internal swirl feature, as shown below. Hot pressurized coolant from the cylinder head is sent into the vortex chamber’s inlet tangentially and accelerated to a high rate of rotation. This is to help aid in deaerating the system.

-Billet Aluminum Coolant Tank
-Anodised Aluminum Mounting Bracket
-6AN Male Adapter Fittings (x3)
-6AN 90 degree Push-Lok Hose Ends (x3)
-Nickel-Plated Fittings and Sight Tube
-Billet Aluminum 32mm Pressure Cap Receiver
-Aluminum Pressure Bleed 1/4″ Barb
-Stainless Steel Hardware

A laser cut black powercoated laser cut mounting bracket is included.Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute many Radium Engineering products for your race car having used them ourselves!


  • Supplier Part Number: 20-0270-00
  • Supplier: Radium Engineering

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