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Pro Mag Power Grid Timing Controller For Funny Car and Dragster

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The Dual Channel Power Grid for Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny cars is the next evolution of our Pro Mag Digital Retard Control.

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The Dual Channel Power Grid incorporates a high speed 32 bit microprocessor and PC software, called MSD View via a USB BluetoothTM wireless. It includes a high speed data acquisition recording engine RPM, timing, dual Tach signal, launch/WOT with sample rates of 100 samples per second or 10 milli seconds.

The MSD View software will program timing curves with up to 30 points at 1.0 increments down to 0.01 second intervals. Multiple timing curves can be overlayed to choose the right one at the last minute. Other unique programs include a throttle lift timing retard, throttle inhibit timing retard and an auto pickup signal selector. This means that in the case of a crank trigger pickup failure, it will trigger the dead channel running magnetos seamlessly.

The MSD View software includes a virtual dash board that can be configured to display engine RPM, Timing, Timing Retard, WOT, Timing Reset, Crank Trigger inputs and Output Triggers. Includes a CAN-Bus connection sending the recording to the RacePak data logger.

Mandated in NHRA/IHRA Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Car
Provides a programmable time-based timing curve with up to 30 points
Stores different timing maps
Easily transfer or change timing maps while in the staging lanes

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Weight 2.18 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 cm


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