Ignition Tester, Universal

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Testing your ignition system has never been easier or more precise. Test both single channel and coil per cylinder ignitions

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As engine technology changes so does the need for ignition systems and a way to test them. MSD’s ignition tester now has the ability to test not only traditional single coil ignition systems but also coil-per-cylinder applications. The 89981 tester even gives you the ability to create an RPM run and let the tester run through the RPM range. This allows you to see the ignition activate any accessories you may be running such as shifters, nitrous solenoids and more.
Backlit, large and easy to read display
Settings for 10 different crank types – 1-cyl, 4-cyl, 6-cyl, 6-cyl odd-fire, 8-cyl, 12-cyl, 24x, 58x, 12-1 & 36-1
Electronic / Points, and Magnetic Trigger Inputs
Cam Sync Output for testing DIS / EFI systems
Engine speed sweep test mode
Battery Voltage display
Adjustable dwell / duty-cycle output
Single knob controls all functions
Compact design
Easy hookup
Power Grid adapter harness included
Spark Plug tester included

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