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Electric Choke Mechanical Secondaries-4150

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ULTRA light
Aluminum construction for 43% weight savings

ULTRA shiny
Tumble polished finish holds shine longer

ULTRA strong
Billet metering blocks & base plates

ULTRA cool
Blue anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate

ULTRA easy
Built in sight window for simple float adjustments

ULTRA fast
High-performance fuel curves

Holley Double Pumper® carburetors are a perfect performance upgrade for hot street cars and race vehicles. Double Pumper carburetors are an American icon when it comes to performance carburetors. From their roots as the premier carburetor on many factory muscle cars to powering thousands of vehicles across the finish line, the Double Pumper is a great choice whether you are burning up the street or the quarter mile.

The Ultra Double Pumper™ Carburetors feature all aluminum construction and are equipped with metering blocks and a base plate made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. They weigh in at approximately 5 lbs. less than a comparable zinc carburetor.

The new Ultra Double Pumper Carburetors have an enhanced fuel curve for optimum performance, with many more features such as aluminum construction; anodized billet aluminum metering blocks and base plate; 4 corner idle for precise idle control; dual accelerator pumps for additional fuel under initial acceleration; mechanical secondaries for great performance; clear fuel level sight plugs for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments; Ford automatic transmission kickdown for use on popular Ford transmissions; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; and for the first time on a Double Pumper, factory pre-set electric choke for easy, fast cold start-ups.

The clean, polished look coupled with Blue metering blocks and throttle body will certainly set your ride apart whether you are at the show or track.
Shiny with blue anodized billet aluminum metering blocks/base plate for good looks and true gasket sealing
Ultra Double Pumpers feature an Optimized street/strip calibration that works out-of-the-box
Factory preset electric choke for easy startups
Mechanical secondaries for awesome tire turning performance
4 corner idle allows you to precisely control your idle system
Built in, clear fuel level sight glass for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments
Aluminum construction for a 43% weight savings
Compatible with GM, Chrysler, and Ford A/T kickdown linkage. Additional parts may be required.
Intended for lightweight vehicles w/ manual trans or automatics with high stall & low gearing
100% wet-flow tested by Holley technicians to assure it arrives ready to run!
See the New Ultra Carburetors article on Street Legal TV!


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