Go Port SBC 500-1050 HP-Matte Black TB

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Go Port SBC Gen 1 Intake 550-1050HP

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Imagine if port style EFI was as simple as throttle body style EFI. Having the advantages of easy installation of the throttle body EFI and yet having the precision fuel distribution of port style EFI. FiTech has bridged the gap with the Go Port EFI System. We have combined a high-flow FiTech throttle body (with the ECU mounted right on it) together with a high quality port style manifold. Then we installed FiTech brand high-flow injectors mounted in fuel rails. This all combines to become the most advanced self-learning port EFI system on the planet.

NOTE: The Go Port EFI is also available as a standalone kit without manifold, fuel rails or injectors for only $1,295.00.

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Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 24 in


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