AUTOMETER Gauge, Blower Pressure, 2 5/8″, 60PSI, Liquid Filled Mech, Ultra-Lite

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Feature Points

Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
Liquid dampened movement provides smooth pointer movement and extended service life in harsh environment applications.
Liquid filled design for superior resistance to shock, vibration, and the elements.
AutoMeter?s race proven mechanical instruments provide trusted accuracy while being simple to install
No electrical system required for gauge operation – compatible with every street or race vehicle
Gauge kit includes 1/8? nylon line, 1/8? NPT compression fittings, 1/4? NPT adapter, bulb and socket assembly, red and green bulb covers, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation

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Know your exact blower pressure with AutoMeter?s ultra-precise bourdon tube meter movement, the standard for accuracy and durability in the industry for generations. A simple 1/8? NPT pressure connection requires no electrical hookup for operation. An optional blower memory kit provides a one way check valve for peak recall after your run.


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