AUTOMETER 2-1/16″ Fuel Level 240-33 Ohms SSE Phantom

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2″ FUEL LEVEL, 240 E/33F SSE, (3262 SENDER)

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GAUGE, FUEL LEVEL, 2 1/16″, 240?E TO 33?F, ELEC, PHANTOM .
One of the most necessary gauges in a dashboard, AutoMeter makes it easy by offering 5 different resistance range configuration to match your existing fuel sending unit. Available in 0-90 ohm (GM mid 60?s to mid 90?s), 0-30 ohm (early GM), 73-10 ohm (pre 90?s Ford and Chrysler), 16-158 ohm (later model Fords) and 240-33 ohm (aftermarket senders such as the AutoMeter 3262). Our patented air core meter movement receives extra dampening to help combat the effects fuel slosh in non-baffled tanks.

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Dimensions 12.065 × 11.43 × 11.43 cm


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