AUTOMETER ATM5652 – Oil Pressure Gauge 2-1/16″, 100PSI, Stepper Motor w/Peak & Warn, Elite

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Size:2-1/16″ (52.4mm)
Type:Digital Stepper Motor
Range:0-100 PSI

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The life blood of your engine, a lack of oil pressure is one of the most catastrophic scenarios that can happen. Knowing the precise pressure is critical to both its longevity and performance, as well as your peace of mind. AutoMeter?s Digital Stepper Motor Oil Pressure Gauge utilizes the most advanced technology on the market to deliver accuracy and durability you won?t find anywhere else. Our advanced 1/8? NPT solid state pressure transducer (included) provides the best possible measurements with unparalleled resistance to vibration and heat. A direct plug in wiring harness is also included for ease of installation and data logging is available thanks to a .5 – 4.5v analog output.
Feature Points
7 user selectable colors (blue, white, red, green, cyan, violet, and yellow) to match visual preferences of driver and visibility conditions
Built-in Pro-Control circuits with custom programmable activation & deactivation points for key functions like lights, fans, switches, & pumps allow drivers to focus on the competition while the gauges control key vehicle systems
Set custom alert High and Low points specific to your vehicle & receive full dial warning notification to highlight the need for driver attention
Acquire data for later review with one-touch Peak Recall functionality
Data logger 0-5V output provides ECU and data systems with vital information
Gauge kit includes 1/8? NPT stainless steel pressure transducer, 1/4? NPT adapter, wiring harness, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation
12 and 16 volt compatible, compatible with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
AutoMeter?s race proven digital stepper motor electric instruments provide unmatched accuracy while keeping hazardous fluids outside of the vehicle
The accuracy of digital stepper motor gauges is further increased by utilizing a self calibration sequence during power up
Ships With
3/8″ NPT and 1/2″ NPT adapter fittings


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