231 – Cummins Block Adapter O-Ring Kit

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Block Adapter Replacement O-Ring Kit fits Clear View Cummins Diesel Part # 230 Adapter. O-Ring Seal is made of Viton® which is chemical and fuel resistant.
O-Ring Material: Viton®
O-Ring Color: Brown
Block Adapter O-Ring Thickness: 3/16”
Quantity: Sold Individually
Notes: Can only be used with Part# 230 Cummins Diesel Block Adapter. Lightly lube O-Rings when installing.

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Part #231 comes with one O-Ring seal that seals the adapter against the block where the stock disposable filter usually seals. All Block Adapters have machined O-Ring grooves to keep O-Rings in place so they don’t blow out or leak. All O-Rings are made of Viton® which is heat, chemical and fuel resistant. Block adapters have a machined hex to use a large wrench or adjustable wrench on to tighten the block adapter. Could also install a fitting into the block adapter then use a socket on the fitting to tighten the block adapter to the engine.


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