AUTOMETER 2-1/16″ Fuel Level, Programmable 0-280 ?, Stepper Motor, Ultra-Lite

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Feature Points

Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
Gauge kit includes 20 ft. wiring harness, bulb and socket assembly, red and green bulb covers, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation
Adjustable Scale w/ 7 preset ranges for common vehicle types (73E/10F, 16E/158F, 0E/30F, 0E/90F, 240E/33F, 107.5E/7F, 131E/12F)
User definable resistance setting programmable anywhere between 0-280 ohms
12 and 16 volt compatible, compatible with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
AutoMeter?s race proven digital stepper motor electric instruments provide unmatched accuracy which is further increased by utilizing a self calibration sequence during power up

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Traditionally, paring the proper fuel level level gauge to the application could be a more difficult task than it needed to be. The AutoMeter Digital Stepper Motor Fuel Level Gauge drastically simplifies the process with it?s easily configurable resistance range. With 7 common configurations stored in memory from the factory, the vast majority of all applications are covered. In the instance your fuel level sender is not included in these preconfigured ranges, an innovative custom calibration mode allows any sending unit that operates between 0 and 280 ohms, empty or full, to be easily paired. Our ?snapshot? programming method will allow you to capture the empty and full readings and the gauge does the rest. No matter your application, there simply isn?t an easier solution for fuel level monitoring available on the market. A direct plug in wiring harness is included for ease of installation.


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