118-380 – 6″ – 380 Micron Element

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6″ Replacement 380 Micron Filter Element. The 380 micron very coarse element is for all weight engine oils up to 70 weight. Elements fit Clear view 6” Filters for Extreme Diesel Engine combinations.
Part Number: 118-380
Filter Element Material: Stainless Steel
Filter Element Seal Material: Viton®
Smallest Particle Filtered: 380 Micron
Quantity: Sold Individually
Notes: Can be used with Clear view 6” Filters another brands of 6” flat screen style of filters.

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The 6″ Replacement 380 Micron Filter Element is used when running up to 70 weight engine oils. Filter Elements are made with very coarse 380 micron mesh which allows diesel soot to flow through with out sticking to the mesh and gumming up the element restricting flow. Still catches the visible particles which can be viewed and inspected. Filter elements can easily be cleaned with solvent or brake clean and reused. The filter elements have a Viton® rubber seal formed around the inside and the outside of the filter element. Should always carry an extra element when running a See Through Filter just in case it needs replacing. These Filter Elements fit Clear view 6” See Through Filters and other brands of 6” flat screen filters.


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