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AEM Water Methanol Multi Input Injection Controller Kit – 0-5V, MAF, MAP, IDC

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Water/Methanol Multi Input Injection Controller for MAF, MAP, 0-5V or IDC

Racers with high compression naturally aspirated engines or boosted engines who are looking for an alternative to boost-dependent water/methanol injection controllers have a solution in AEM’s Multi-Input WMI controller. This controller is perfect for high compression naturally aspirated vehicles (NA) via the MAF/IDC settings and boosted vehicles using an external MAP sensor. The Multi-Input controller works with an external 0-5v voltage-based external MAP sensor, a frequency-based input for Injector Duty Cycle (IDC), a frequency-based mass airflow sensor (MAF), or a 0-5V voltage-based MAF.

Design & Usability

AEM’s Multi-Input water/methanol injection controller design features large, turn-resistant knobs and larger numbering to easily set accurate start and full activation points, with covered status LED and test buttons for added splash resistance. A plug is integrated into the controller housing for mating to the redesigned wiring harness’s positive-lock connector, an easy-to-access integrated fuse and moulded mounting tabs. Programming the Multi-Input controller for MAF, external MAP or IDC is easy; it has a plug covering the programming dipswitches and a programming legend on the back for the 0-5V and frequency-based settings.


  • Description: AEM V2 Water/Methanol Multi Input Controller Kit- 0-5v/MAF Frequency or Voltage/Duty Cycle/Ext MAP
  • Part Number: 30-3305
  • Supplier: AEM Performance Electronic

This AEM Water/Methanol Injection kit is supplied with a wiring harness. It is terminated with a positive-lock connector on one end and has color-coded wires to ease installation. Both the power and ground wires for the pump are included in the harness which simplifies the wiring process and eliminates any chance of the pump accidentally activating from a short in the system. An additional wire is included for adding an optional on/off solenoid to stop fluid flow when the system is inactive.

Here at Serck Motorsport, we supply and distribute AEM Performance products for your performance race car having used them ourselves!

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