Ultimate LS Torque Plus Cathedral Port Composite 600HP w/o Trans Control

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Ultimate LS Torque Plus Composite 600HP Kit

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The Ultimate LS Torque Plus Cathedral Port Composite 600HP intake manifold kit with cable operated 92mm throttle body are self-tuning systems for LS engines designed for the do-it-yourself hot rodder to the professional EFI tuner!. This intake manifold is an O.E. replacement quality reinforced plastic composite material combined with our top of the line Ultimate LS ECU. This self-learning dual wide-band Ultimate LS ECU replaces the OEM computer and harness. This new design gives your engine bay the factory O.E. look while giving you all the great features of our self-learning ECU, maximum tunability, and ease of installation. They’re simple to configure with the supplied color touch screen hand-held controller and can be used to monitor in real time or can be disconnected when the configuration is completed. It?s never been easier to swap an LS into practically anything you want with our stand-alone Ultimate LS kits. Suitable for that junkyard 5.3 to a stroker 427, we have you covered! Check out the list of features and you will wonder why it?s never been so simple to ditch that old factory hardware.

Application: Intake manifold will fit Cathedral Port LS1/LS2/LS6 heads.
Small Block V8 GEN. III/IV LS-based Chevrolet street and performance engines with a 1500-6500 rpm power-band up to 600 HP to the flywheel and contains a 3 BAR MAP sensor for power adder applications that supports up to 30 PSI of boost.
4.8 L / 293 c.i. LR4, LS1 LS2 LS6, V8 Camaro/Corvette
5.3 L / 325 c.i. L33, L59, LM4, LM7, V8 Camaro/Corvette
5.7 L / 346 c.i. LS1, LS6, Cadillac CTS V, Pontiac/GTO/Trailblazer SS/Firebird/Trans-Am, SSR, Corvette
6.0 L / 364 c.i. LQ4, LQ9, LS2, V8 Camaro/Corvette
Intake manifold height is 8 inches.
92mm high flow cable operated throttle body.
Throttle body will clear most stock truck accessories depending on the type of water pump, if there is truck water pump accessory clearance interference you will need to get a new water pump bracket. Water pump may need to be clearanced.
Parts required, not included:
Coil packs
Supported Fuel System (ie. FiTech part number 40004, 40005, 40007, 40015, 40019 or other comparable fuel systems).
Optional, not included: throttle cable mounting bracket (FiTech part number 70063)
Not legal for use on pollution controlled vehicles: FiTech?s Ultimate LS System is not CARB approved for use on emission controlled vehicles. This system is designed to control the EFI and ignition on LS based engines being retrofit into older vehicles that do not require emission controls.


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