RPM Window Switch with Tach, Digital

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This switch can be used with an input voltage of 9-18 volts.

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Are you looking for an RPM Switch that will turn a circuit on, then off at a different rpm? How about one for your late model coil-per-cylinder ignition system? Or, something for your car with dual coil packs? Maybe one for a Viper or even a Harley Davidson? Look no further, our new Digital RPM Window Switch will do it all! This Switch will accept an input rpm signal from a coil negative terminal (for stock ignitions), a tach output from an ignition control, an ECU tach output or even a 5 volt tach signal. Another great feature is that no rpm modules are needed! The rpm activation points are programmed by simply scrolling through the LED display to your desired rpm amounts.The switch has two outputs; one Normally Open, the other is Normally Closed. It can be programmed from 200 rpm to 15,000 rpm in 100 rpm increments.
Works on Coil-per-Cylinder applications
No modules needed!

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