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Nitrous Oxide Injection System Kit – 8 CYL PIRANHA DIRECT PORT, 4 SOLENOIDS, WITH 10LB BOTTLE (200-500HP EFI JETs)

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NX direct port systems provide the ultimate in cylinder to cylinder distribution. Available standard with distribution blocks or optional rail technology. Nitrous system comes complete with lightning solenoids, stainless lines and more.

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This system includes 8 of the NX Piranha Nozzles, 2 NX Lightning series nitrous solenoids, 2 NX Lightning series fuel solenoids, anodized aluminum distribution blocks, 3/16 stainless hard lines, nickel plated fittings, Jetting for 2006AN00HP, 6AN stainless braided nitrous feed lines, a high flow 6AN Y fitting, a wide open throttle switch, 40 Amp relays and relay harnesses, master arming switch and every nut, bolt and connector needed to complete the installation.

This system includes the latest technology and the best components available. For you tech hungry junkies… we will provide some details explaining what makes this nitrous system so great. The key to maximizing nitrous horsepower is to keep the nitrous in a dense liquid form until it is injected into the engine. Sharp bends in the nitrous flow path cause the nitrous flow to become turbulent which causes gaseous bubbles to form in the flowing nitrous. Dense liquid nitrous makes more power than gaseous nitrous – Period! This NX nitrous system contains the key components that ensure you are getting maximum power per pound of nitrous used.


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