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MSD 6 HVC, Professional Race, with Fast Rev Limiter, Deutsch Connector

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For use in Circle Track and Professional Racing, with Fast Rev Limiter

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Professional race teams have been relying on the power and endurance of our 6 HVC Ignition Control. The advanced component design and circuitry of the 6 HVC Ignitions produce incredible voltage with high current output. Internally there is an efficient heat sync, solid component mounting and it’s all encased in a clear epoxy. The rpm limit is adjustable with plug-in modules and the wiring is routed into NASCAR approved Deutsch style MSD connectors.

The Fast Rev limiter is very quick and accurate compared to our Soft Touch Rev limiter.
Includes built-in Fast rev limiter
Must be used with HVC Coil PN 8250
Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit
150 millijoules per spark up to 15,000 RPM
550 primary voltage output to coil
Accepts breaker points, amplifier and magnetic pickup trigger inputs
Multiple sparks for 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation
6-pin Weathertight connector, mandatory for NASCAR use
Clear epoxy potting compound for vibration protection and clear base plate for easy tech inspection
No CARB Exemption Order Number

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Weight 2.04 kg
Dimensions 3 × 11 × 8 cm


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