MGB RADIATOR 1962-1967 (Rear Fill)

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MGB 1962-1967 (Rear Fill) – High Performance Aluminium Radiator

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MGB 1962-1967 (Rear Fill) This MGB Unit is probably one of the most requested classic radiator we produce. With full Alumnium construction utilising a 40mm thick aluminium core type and with a high quality finish this unit will perform in high ambient temperatures and keep cool during those traffic queues protecting the power plant from the risk of overheating. This unit is hand crafted from the original MG Pattern, staring with the tank structure and the pipe, and fittings. Once T.I.G welded together the unit is then pressure tested to 15psi and then polished, capped and sealed to protect the unit form contamination. If your old unit is also still complete we could also repair and service cleanse the unit so you also have a spare unit for the vehicle also. If you require a more higher performance unit for racing which we can also modify and build exactly to your required specification. Or you may simply require slight modifications, what ever the need we can meet your request. Simply give us a call should you need any further information about this unit.

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