AUTOMETER 5 Inch Ultra-Lite GPS Speedometer 0-140MPH ATM4481

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The latest in technology and the easiest possible way to add a highly accurate speedometer to your vehicle. AutoMeter’s advanced GPS Speedometers require no interface with your vehicle aside from power and ground. The ultra fast, omnidirectional micro antenna is included for true plug and play functionality and never requires calibration. Configurable Rally Nav display offers a full compliment of options. Quite simply, the easiest, most accurate Plug-and-Play speedometer available which is compatible with nearly every street car or race car electrical system.

These highly accurate GPS Speedometers include an omnidirectional 10 Hz antenna with a 16-foot cable, which is required for operation. The dimensions for the antenna are quite small allowing it to be easily hidden. The GPS antenna utilises up to 3 GPS satellites simultaneously and samples 10 times per second.

Each gauge kit includes GPS antenna, spade connectors for wiring, bulb and socket assembly, red and green bulb covers, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation

“For anyone who is changing their wheels, it’s can be a pain to have to recalibrate your speedo. If you’re interested in simplifying the wiring, this is a really nice option.” Jeff King, CEO of Autometer

Display Features:

  • Incandescent Outer Ring Illumination
  • Time & Date
  • Cumulative Distance (Odometer)
  • Trip Meter
  • GPS Coordinates with Heading Info
  • Compass
  • Peak Speed Recall

Key Specifications:

  • Size: 5″ (127mm)
  • Type: Digital Stepper Motor
  • Range: 0-140 MPH
  • Lighting: Incandescent
  • Voltage: 12v & 16v Compatible
  • Dimensions: 1.472″ x 1.339″ x 0.508″


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