AUTOMETER Gauge Mount, Angle Rings, 3 Pcs., Black, For 2-1/16″ Gauges

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Feature Points

Includes three black composite angle rings and matching aluminum mounting brackets.
Provides 15 degrees of angular deflection of gauge face from flat panel mounting surface.
Suitable for use with AutoMeter 2 1/16 in. gauges
Not compatible with Spek-Pro gauges or instruments with ‘spin lock’ style mounting brackets.

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Mounting performance gauges in cramped vehicle interiors can be challenging. Often this results in compromised placements requiring off-axis instrument viewing by the driver. If unaddressed, this can result in parallax error, the incorrect reading of pointer position relative to dial markings. To ensure that the driver sees exactly what they need to, AutoMeter offers the gauge angle rings which allow for rotation of gauge faces perpendicular to the driver’s field of view.


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