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Distributor, Super Tall Block, Mag Pickup

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Nearly three inches of adjustment. Must be used with an MSD 6, 7 or 8-series ignition.

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Designed for racing blocks with maximum increased deck height such as Alan Root, Merlin and Rocket Blocks. MSD offers this Distributor with an adjustable slip collar with nearly 3″ of adjustment so you can be sure the distributor is installed correctly.

The distributor shares the same features of the standard Pro-Billet Chevrolet model including a ball bearing guide, long sintered lower bushing and an oil seal. To trigger the MSD Ignition a maintenance-free magnetic pick-up is secured in the billet base of the distributor. Just above this pick-up assembly is an adjustable mechanical advance assembly.
Extra tall housing is designed for use with Alan Root, Donovan, Merlin and Rocket racing blocks
Must be used with an MSD Ignition Control
Supplied with an HEI style distributor cap and rotor (accepts Cap-A-Dapts)
O-ring seals can be added to modified blocks to improve oil pressure control
Special oil tract improves lubrication to the distributor and cam gear
Nylon pads ensure smooth operation of the advance weights
Advance weight pins are staked and tig welded to the plate
Mechanical advance assembly can be locked out for crank trigger systems
Advance plate and weights are fine blanked from chrome moly steel and QPQ coated for friction reduction
Polished steel shaft is QPQ coated and guided by a sealed ball bearing and long sintered bushing
Maintenance-free magnetic pickup and precision reluctor create stable trigger signals throughout the rpm range
Adjustable slip collar mounting flange provides up to 3” of adjustment
CNC machined billet aluminum housing and Dupont Rynite base
No CARB Exemption Order Number

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Weight 2.54 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 18 cm


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