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DIS, Direct Ignition System Control, RED

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DIS, Direct Ignition System Ignition Control, Red


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Modern Firepower for your classic – the MSD Direct Ignition System, or DIS, converts an early style engine from a conventional distributor and single coil setup to eight individual coils. One coil per cylinder means no moving parts in a distributor to control the timing and no cap and rotor to wear-out.

Timing is digitally controlled ensuring precision accuracy at all RPM’s and every firing. The DIS has advanced timing and rev-limiter functions for racers such as individual cylinder timing; timing retards for boosted and nitrous applications, a two-step rev-limiter, and launch control to get your car out of the hole and even data acquisition to keep everything in check.

Convert your early Chevy, Ford or Mopar by replacing the worn out distributor with an MSD Pro-Billet Dual Sync Distributor and blank cap. The Dual Sync plugs directly into the 6015MSD DIS Ignition control providing the cam and crank signals. The DIS then plugs into a set of GM smart coils, a.k.a. LS coils, and just like that, your early bullet has modern firepower.
Fully Programmable 2D and 3D Timing maps provide complete timing control
Individual Cylinder Timing (ICT) allows precise tuning
Easily convert to a Coil-Per-Plug ignition system
Preprogrammed timing maps
Built-in 2.5 bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor for boosted applications
Fully potted electronics and sealed connectors for maximum durability
Easily programmable through a Mini-USB communication port
Programmable Max Rev and Launch RPM limiters provide engine protection
Consistent holeshots thanks to a Programmable Launch Timing Retard
Single Timing Step Retard ideal for pulling timing for nitrous applications
Data acquisition allows you to keep an eye on all aspects of the ignition
Optional temperature sensor input to control timing based on temperature
Complete kits with all required components available

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