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Clutch Fork Stop, EVO 8-9-10

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20-0262 – Radium Clutch Fork Stop, EVO 8-9-10

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MITSUBISHI EVO 8 with 5-Speed and 6-Speed transmissions
MITSUBISHI EVO 9 with 5-Speed and 6-Speed transmissions
MITSUBISHI EVO 10 with 5-Speed manual transmission

The Radium Engineering clutch fork return stop addresses a common problem on the Mitsubishi EVO pull-type clutch slave cylinder. During hard shifting and fast clutch pedal operation, the clutch fork can return too far and cause the throw-out bearing to become unclipped from the clutch fork. This results in expensive transmission removal to fix. The Radium clutch return stop prevents the fork from over-traveling, eliminating a throw-out bearing issue. Inexpensive insurance to protect your clutch.
The clutch stop is multi-axis CNC machined in order to position the hex bolt precisely square with the clutch fork.

-CNC machined/anodized clutch fork stop
-Stainless steel adjustment screw and lock nut
-Stainless steel mounting bolts


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