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Circle Track LS Ignition Control

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As LS engines make their way onto the race track MSD is ready with the Circle Track LS Ignition Control.

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CT525 crate engines and built LS mills alike need a way to control 8 coils, RPM and timing. The 6014CT makes this easy with factory connectors that plug directly into the LS cam sensor, crank sensor and coils. If running a CT525 a preset timing curve and rev limiter setup is preprogrammed.
For built LS engines that require a little more attention, plug your laptop in to program a timing curve and rev limiter with the user friendly MSD View software. Supply the unit with power and ground and you’re off to the races!
Direct plug-in to factory GM LS sensors and coils
Preprogrammed to run the GM CT525 crate engine out of the box
Laptop programmable RPM limit, timing curve and coil selection for custom tuning
Auto detects coils, cam sensor and crank sensor
Will run 24x 1x, 58x 1x and 58x 4x crank / cam sensor combinations
Self-powered with USB for laptop programming
Steady, accurate timing control
Dedicated plug for Tech Official

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Weight 1.63 kg
Dimensions 7.25 × 10.25 × 7.5 cm


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