Boost Control Module, Ext MAP, Pwr Grid

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This is equipped with a “quick spool” feature which allows you to increase launch RPM or retard timing in order to help spool at the starting line.

PART# 77631

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MSD Boost Controllers are the most accurate and easy to use controllers on the market. Both controllers plug directly into the Power Grid via the CAN bus which allows user to make adjustments through MSD View software. MSD Boost controllers feature two boost curves that can be toggled on the fly, a user adjustable boost vs. timing retard curve, pressure switch and an over boost shutdown to protect the engine. The Power Grid data acquisition will record manifold and wastegate pressure as well as solenoid operation. The MSD Boost Controller, PN 7763 has two built-in 4-Bar (43.5 psi) sensors. High boost application will require, PN 77631 which uses a pair of external 6-Bar (75 psi) sensors.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 cm


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