Black Top DMR, 8AN ORB (universal fuel pressure regulator)

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Black Top DMR, 8AN ORB (universal fuel pressure regulator)

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The Direct Mount Regulator (DMR) is a compact high peformance adjustable EFI fuel pressure regulator that is designed to mount directly to a compatible fuel rail. It is the perfect solution for simplifying a high-flow fuel injection system. It’s unique 360 degree swivel inlet fitting adapts directly to a fuel rail female port which simplifies fuel line plumbing. The return line from the DMR back to the fuel tank can attach to either side of the regulator via the included 6AN male adapter fitting.

NOTE: This regulator must mount to a fuel rail, it cannot be used in a stand-alone installation. For a stand-alone pressure regulator, see the Radium Multi-Port Regulator (MPR).

Two interchangeable orifices are included with calculated flow diameters to match the fuel pump flow to the regulator. Furthermore, this added precision will resist diaphragm flutter and optimize pressure stability.


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