ATM201975 – GAUGE, 2-1/16″ FUEL LEVEL, 16-158 Ω, AIR-CORE, COBRA

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Size:2-1/16″ (52.4mm)
Range:16 Ω Empty / 158 Ω Full

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One of the most necessary gauges in a dashboard, AutoMeter makes it easy by offering 5 different resistance range configuration to match your existing fuel sending unit. Available in 0-90 ohm (GM mid 60’s to mid 90’s), 0-30 ohm (early GM), 73-10 ohm (pre 90’s Ford and Chrysler), 16-158 ohm (later model Fords) and 240-33 ohm (aftermarket senders such as the AutoMeter 3262). Our patented air core meter movement receives extra dampening to help combat the effects fuel slosh in non-baffled tanks. Feature Points
Traditional incandescent lighting illuminates around the perimeter of the dial
Works with most 1989 (1987 Mustang) and later Ford
12 and 16 volt compatible, well-suited with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
Gauge kit includes bulb and socket assembly, red and green bulb covers, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation
AutoMeter’s race proven air-core electric instruments provide quick and accurate readings
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