ATM2012 – 5″ QUAD GAUGE, 100 PSI/100-250 °F/8-18V/0-90 Ω, PRESTIGE BLACK DIAMOND

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Size:5″ (127mm)
Range:100 PSI/100-250 °F/8-18V/0ΩE-90ΩF

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Sometimes space is limited. The AutoMeter Quad Gauge provides a solution to limited dashboard space while providing a clean look. Individual AutoMeter air core meter movements for each function provide the accuracy and durability required by even the most demanding applications. Includes a single wire 1/8” NPT temperature sender and a 1/8” NPT oil pressure sender. The voltmeter reads from 8-18v on negative ground electrical systems and fuel level resistance range is 0 ohms empty to 90 ohms full (compatible with Amid 60’s through mid 90’s GM fuel level senders).
Feature Points
Modern white LED through-the-dial lighting provides clear visibility during nighttime use
4 in 1 gauge design saves valuable real estate on your dash while allowing you to monitor critical parameters
12 and 16 volt compatible, well-suited with nearly every street car or race car electrical system
AutoMeter’s race proven air-core electric instruments provide quick and accurate readings while keeping hazardous fluids outside of the vehicle
Gauge kit includes 1/8” NPT pressure sender, 1/4” NPT adapter, 1/8” NPT temperature sender, 3/8” and 1/2″ NPT adapters, mounting hardware, and detailed instructions for installation
Ships With
Oil Sender 2242 – Water Sender 2258 – VSS Senser
3/8″ NPT and 1/2″ NPT adapter fittings
Bracket Included


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