ATM19501 – GAUGE KIT, 6 PC. KIT, 3 3/8″ & 2 1/16″, BAGGER, WHITE, PRO-CYCLE

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Size:Kit 3-3/8″ & 2-1/16″ (Kit 85.7mm & 52.4mm)
Range:160 MPH/0-10,000 RPM/100 PSI/140-280 °F/8-18V/280ΩE-0ΩF
Lightning:LED Feature Points
Six-gauge kits offer everything needed to elevate any Dresser to the next level of custom
Kit includes a 3 3/8″ 160 mph electric programmable speedometer; a 3 3/8″ 10,000 RPM tachometer; and four 2-1/16″ full-sweep electric gauges (oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel level and voltage)
Includes motorsport-grade sending units for oil pressure and oil temperature gauges
Gauge kit includes complete wiring harness and a dimmer to allow gauge brightness to be adjusted
Patented Hi-Def LED through-the-dial illumination and glowing, flourescent red-lit pointer offers the best possible visibility, whether day or night
Gauges are also available individually
Ships With
2246, 2252

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AutoMeter has brought together the most popular gauges into a simple kit for your bagger. The kit includes a tachometer, speedometer, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, and voltmeter gauges. A plug and play wiring patch harness simplifies installation and an LED dimmer allows fine tuning of gauge illumination. All senders included where applicable.

Since 1957, AutoMeter has set the standard in performance, accuracy and durability with their legendary Tachometers. The absolute pinnacle of engineering and technology, it’s no wonder AutoMeter can lay claim to more motorsports victories than every other gauge manufacturer combined. The patented air core meter movement, wound in house to exacting standards, can move the needle from 0 – 8,000 rpm in 333 milliseconds. An inaugural inductee to the Hot Rod Speed Parts Hall of Fame, no other tachometer on the market has had anything approaching its impact on professional racing. Built for a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions, this is the no compromise tach for no compromise builds. When you’re ready for the best, there isn’t another choice.

Tickets are no fun. Calibrating a speedometer isn’t a great deal of fun either. AutoMeter’s Electronic Programmable Speedometer makes short work of both, providing an easy to install and easy to calibrate solution that will help keep your speed exactly where it needs to be. Compatible with most factory and aftermarket speed senders, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled with a speedometer before. Calibration is as simple as a two mile drive, or for even easier operation, AutoMeter’s 5289 GPS Speedometer Sender is a simple plug and play solution for any application.

One of the single most important factors in determining how your engine performs (and how long it performs between rebuilds) is proper oil temperature during operation. Knowing your exact temp allows you to make sure you’ve got the proper oil weight and cooling capacity. Using AutoMeter’s advanced 1/8” NPT two wire temperature transducer, you can be assured of the most accurate possible readings of the life blood of your engine. The advanced Digital Stepper Motor Drive keeps needle movement smooth and precise.

The life blood of your engine, a lack of oil pressure is one of the most catastrophic scenarios that can happen. Knowing the precise pressure is critical to both its longevity and performance, as well as your peace of mind. AutoMeter’s Digital Stepper Motor Oil Pressure Gauge utilizes the most advanced technology on the market to deliver accuracy and durability you won’t find anywhere else. Our advanced 1/8” NPT solid state pressure transducer (included) provides the best possible measurements with unparalleled resistance to vibration and heat.

Traditionally, paring the proper fuel level level gauge to the application could be a more difficult task than it needed to be. The AutoMeter Digital Stepper Motor Fuel Level Gauge drastically simplifies the process with it’s easily configurable resistance range. With 7 common configurations stored in memory from the factory, the vast majority of all applications are covered. In the instance your fuel level sender is not included in these preconfigured ranges, an innovative custom calibration mode allows any sending unit that operates between 0 and 280 ohms, empty or full, to be easily paired. Our “snapshot” programming method will allow you to capture the empty and full readings and the gauge does the rest. No matter your application, there simply isn’t an easier solution for fuel level monitoring available on the market.

Keep tabs on the health and output of your vehicles electrical system safely and accurately with AutoMeter’s ultra precise Digital Stepper Motor Voltmeter. With precise resolution and ultra smooth needle movement, this gauge operates anywhere from 8-18 volts on negative ground electrical systems.


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