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Adjustable pressure switch

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20-0236 – Radium Adjustable pressure switch

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This Adjustable Pressure Switch offers a solution for triggering staged fuel pump(s) based on positive boost pressure. This normally open (N.O.) switch features a 3-15psi adjustable set point to match any application. The stainless steel body features a 1/8″ NPT male port. Connector and pins are included (assembly required). This switch ONLY activates with positive pressure.

-DO NOT route the main power for a fuel pump through this switch. Use the switch to trigger a relay.
-This switch may be used to trigger any device, not just a fuel pump, as long as the current demand is less than 0.5 Amp.
-Review the installation instructions in the above link prior to purchasing.
-The switch DOES NOT come pre-set to any particular pressure, it MUST be calibrated using the method outlined in the installation instructions.
-This switch may also be used in other fluid applications (oil, fuel, coolant, etc). DO NOT use with brake fluid.


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