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30-5135M – AEM Analog Gauge

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Analog Gauge

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AEM Analog Oil Metric Pressure Gauge. 0~10.2Bar

AEM’s Analog style Oil Pressure Gauges feature quick response and smooth needle movement that is easy to read in all lighting conditions. AEM offers a 0-100 PSI oil pressure gauge and 0-150 PSI oil pressure gauge. Each gauge offers a swept area of 320 degrees for the best viewing resolution at almost any angle. A precision high-speed electronic stepper motor delivers lightning fast needle movement, making AEM’s SAE oil pressure gauge some of the fastest and most accurate gauges available. An included sensor provides accurate pressure readings for each oil pressure gauge.

All AEM analog style gauges feature seven backlight colors that allow you to match your OEM or other gauge backlighting, a silver and black bezel and a white and black faceplate to best match the interior of your vehicle. The backlighting is adjustable via a dial on the rear of the gauge to optimize viewing in all lighting conditions.

AEM Oil Pressure Gauges can quickly alert you to an engine damaging drop in oil pressure, allowing you to protect your engine from damage.


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