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30-2906-96 – AEM AQ-1 96″ Harness

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AQ-1 96″ Harness

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AEM AQ-1 96″ Flying Lead Wiring Harness

AEM has harnesses specifically designed for wiring its AQ-1 Data Loggers into your racecar. They feature weatherproof connections and labeled wires for ease of installation. AQ-1 wiring harnesses are available in 96″ wiring lengths.

Specifically designed to simplify wiring the AQ-1 Data Logger into a vehicle
Color-coded wires are silk-screened with each function and bundled with identifiers for easy identification
AQ-1 connector pre-wired for AEMnet, power/ground, CAN, RS232 Serial and remote USB
Connector, plug, USB and wire seals are weather resistant
AQ-1 OBDII wiring harness includes integrated OBDII connector
Bag of 20 terminals included for populating inputs (Plug & Pin Kit only)


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