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2-Step, Ford 5.0L Mod Motor, 2011

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2-STEP FORD COYOTE 5.0L, 2011 TO 2016
This 2-Step connects right to your late model Ford to produce consistent launches and quicker 60-foot times by setting an rpm limit to stage with.

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When activated, the rpm will be held at a steady rpm and once the green light comes on, release the clutch and take off – but be sure to hold on! The rpm is adjusted with two built-in rotary dials ranging from 1,800-9,900 rpm in 100 rpm increments. A handy LED shows when the launch rev limit is active.
Easily set a launch rpm for consistent holeshots
Connects to the factory coils for easy installation
The best way to launch hard

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Weight 0.54 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 cm


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